Cash Flow Management For Small Business The Cash Flow Management Program

Take Control of Your Cash Flow Today!
If you’re like me the idea of having to face my staff and telling them, “there’s no money to meet the payroll”, is terrifying.
So is the moment when you look at the bank balance and it is not enough. There is just not enough to pay the bills and you can’t sell things fast enough to raise the cash. If you only knew sooner, you attempting loans think, you could have done something. But you didn’t and now you need the cash.
Now you have to scramble to come up with enough money. You have to tell your suppliers you are going to be late paying them or you have to go to the bank and try to borrow money. The knot in your stomach doesn’t go away and you are thinking “how am I going to survive this?”
How did it get this far?
Today’s accounting programs can supply you with cash flow statements and income statements. But those are historical, usually done at the end of the month and show you what happened in the past 30 days. What they don’t tell you is that you need $15,000 by the 10th of the month or that you have bills due in 3 days and only so much money.
Maybe you have all the information to keep you informed but it is in five different places. Do you have to check the bank bowboy loans balance, the check book, a list of expenses, your accounts payable, and your daily receipts just to figure out where your cash is at? Are you frustrated by the amount of time it takes to get all the information together?
It doesn’t have to be that sharply loans way. With a brief glance at the Cash Flow Management Program on Monday morning you will know what cash you have and what bills are coming due.
Now you can concentrate with ease on the other details of your business secure in the knowledge of what your cash situation is. You can self-assuredly make plans to take payment discounts, know when to pay your biggest accounts, and plan for your business improvements.
When you meet with your bankers you can be confident about your cash needs and payment plans. You become the manufacturers’ sales reps favorite business because your bills are paid on time.
At any given day during the month you can know what you owe, how cash much you have, and what your planned income is. Imagine how this can change your work day and how you can go home at night without a nagging worry about money.
My name is Skip Lee. I am an independent business owner. I deal with cash flow management up close and personal. I developed this spreadsheet program because I could not find a program that would give me the information I needed today, right now, all in one place.
There are many system programs out there that can gather all this information together but most cost a small fortune. Others demand a monthly subscription and you have to put all your information on the internet.
The Cash Flow Management Program is unlike most accounting programs or web based programs. Once you have your information in the spreadsheet you can find the information you need with just a few clicks. The Cash Flow Management Program takes a little effort and time to set up. But, I have outlined all the steps and will walk you through the process.
Using the Cash Flow Program you will clearly:Know what your expenses are and when during the month they are dueKnow what is due for each week of the monthSee the month expense, income and payables total all in one placeKnow what your planned sales are for each week and for the monthSee what your cash position is at the end of each week and for the entire monthGet a picture of the entire year for income, expenses, payables and cash flow
You can sit down on Monday and plan your week, or plan the entire month. You can do 10 day cash projections and create “what if” scenarios to fine tune your plans. Because once you purchase the Cash Flow Management Program you can build as many cash plans as you want with no additional predrive loans purchase.
Accounting programs can cost hundreds of dollars and many require a yearly subscription or service contract in addition to the upfront cost. The Cash Flow Management Program costs a fraction of most accounting programs and there is no service contract.
Now is the time for you to act on this.

Web based cash flow systems will have a monthly access charge that adds up quickly over a course of a year. Plus your business information is sitting on a web site. What happens if you can’t connect to the internet? The Cash Flow Management Program is a one time charge and the information is at your finger tips.
Imagine … in as little as a few days, you could be in complete control sleaziness loans of your cash flow. Imagine … being feeling confident, enjoying each work day, and going home without a worry … all because you decided to say “YES” today.
Order today and for $29.00 you will get The Cash Flow Management Program spreadsheets and instructional manual.